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gd_eliteicons's Journal

Green Day Elite Icons
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This community is for the makers of LJ's finest Green Day icons. You can watch or join the community as you like, but you won't be able to post. To get posting access, you have to apply and be accepted.

So what makes a good icon? Crisp, clear images, smart use of gradients, brushes, and fonts, and the right amount of originality. We're looking for people with a unique style, it's ok if you're not following the latest icon trend as long as you've mastered the art of making great icons. Think you have what it takes? Then read the rules and apply!

Even if you do not make icons please feel free to join and watch the community for the pretty icons!

This community is moderated by
mellietastic, apaphyx, + persephonec.


1. This is a Green Day icon community, which means only Green Day icons are allowed.

2. No requests or posting without icons in your entry. There are plenty of communities for requests and if you have a question, please contact the maintainers rather than posting in the community.

3. Other graphics are allowed ONLY if the post also includes Green Day icons. BUT do not post any previews that are not related to Green Day.

4. DO NOT post bases, brushes, gradients, textures or stock images.

5. If you post more than 3 icons, be sure to put the rest behind a lj-cut.

6. Do not post a link to icons in a friends-locked journal. The point of this community is to share. If you don't want to share all of your icons with the world at large, feel free to friends-lock your community post. However, sending people to a friends-locked icon journal makes it a little unfair, because you're forcing people to friend another journal to see your icons.


1. If you are not accepted, don't throw a fit. It won't get you anywhere. Simply work on improving your icons, and try applying again in two weeks.

2. Please don't apply if you're not going to post. Just watch the community if you want to snag icons.

3. When taking icons please be respectful of the individual posters rules. Remember to always credit properly.

4. Put "Bittersweet Migraine" in the subject line of your entry when applying so we'll know that you read the rules.

5. Please do not advertise communities. However, feel free to ask to be an affiliate.

Apply here for posting access


Comment here if you'd like to be an affiliate

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